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About Me:
Hey! Thanks for stopping by my about page. I’m Tamara Oake,  the maker, dreamer and designer behind Oake Living. I live in Halifax Nova Scotia, with my boyfriend and our 1-year-old dog Boo. I started this business in 2016 during my third year in art school. I graduated from NSCAD with a fine arts degree in Textiles after studying interior decorating at a local community college. Oake Living is my side hustle, and I work as a full-time decorator for my day job.

During my time at art school, I discovered that I drew all of my inspiration from the nature around me. I saw patterns in trees and colors schemes in landscapes. I became passionate about natural dyes and all of the colors I could produce with my own two hands. Nowadays I find myself focusing primarily on my flower pressing kits. In the warmer months, I love going out on walks and collecting flowers and foliage and bringing it back to my press.

My mission is to bring elements of nature into our everyday lives and inspiring others to bring back our connection to our surroundings and the environment. Simply taking the time to step outside and look around can have a huge impact on someone’s life.

I’m currently producing flower pressing kits, art prints and doing the occasional custom projects. I’m hoping to expand my custom offerings in the near future so stay tuned!