About Me:

Hi! I'm Tamara, a natural-dye artist and a maker from the East Coast of Canada. I've always been drawn to the peace the earth brings - so it's only natural I found my passion in creating interior pieces rooted in nature and her beauty. 

The idea to create products for the home has been part of me since I first enrolled in an Interior design program in 2011. Though it took travelling to New Zealand and returning to art school for my creativity to truly blossom.

I'm inspired by slow living and simplicity, and strive to use pure and sustainable materials in my designs. Though I am intentional about the products I use, I still hesitate at calling myself a "sustainable" brand because I have much to learn. So that's what this space is for; for learning and growing as a person and artist striving to make the world a little better with each handmade design.

Oake Living:

Oake Living started one night while reading a tutorial on making flower presses. I was inspired by the idea and decided to make my own presses with the screen-printing skills I learned at art school. Throughout the process of creating, marketing and selling my presses, I fell in love with the ethics and potential of natural dying and the community of sustainable makers. Though my brand will change as I do, today Oake Living centers on my love of natural patterns and dyes and my excitement and curiosity for how both can be incorporated into the home.