It should come to no surprise that I love pressing flowers (crazy, right!). And, I really want to share my finds with you. So, I've decided that each month I will do a post about the flowers I've pressed that month. I'm also thinking this will be a good way to learn more about the flowers I'm pressing and something nice to back on during those cold winter months. 


The amount of joy that filled my body when I first saw these little yellow coltsfoot flowers spring up from the ground was outrageous. A sign that winter was finally over and a sign that I could be surrounded by flourishing plant life and the sunshine again. 

Near the end of April, I got out my running shoes and had a couple evening runs. It felt so good not freezing my buns off. At the end of my run, I plucked a couple flowers and pussy willow branches and got to pressing. 


Looking forward to May blooms. 

Much love,