Looking for a custom piece for your wedding or special occasion? We love creating custom arrangements! Pressed flower arrangements are the perfect way to cherish a memory.

What we offer:

Custom pressing and framing of your flowers.

We have two frame offers:

Wood: Our wood frames are produced by local artisan Andre at WoodSaltSun. They are hand-crafted from foraged Nova Scotian barn wood right here in Halifax.

*Right now we are currently only offering custom framing to Nova Scotian residents who can transport their flowers to our local stufio in Halifax, NS 2-3 days after the wedding.

Dropping off your flowers:

Flowers will need to be delivered (Drop off in Halifax, NS) 2-3 days after your event at the latest. The sooner your flowers get to us the better to avoid wilting.  Once your order is placed then I will share with you tips for keeping your flowers fresh until their in my hands.


Your flowers will be in the press for 4-6 weeks to ensure the most effective preservation. Once the press is opened, I will go through the flowers and decide what can be used for the arrangement and what will work best with the overall design. If requested, any leftover flowers will be stored in an envelope and given back to you. After 6-8 weeks from drop off, I will contact you to discuss composition options. Once decided I will finalize the design and finish the arrangement.

Please allow up to 3 months


Fading and changing of colors are to be expected with pressed flowers because they are organic and change naturally over time. Keeping the frame away from direct sunlight will help with the fading.

We can’t guarantee that all of your flowers will press perfectly.


  • 12” x 12” arrangement $300

Additional arrangement frames (5”x 5”) : $100

  • 5” x 5” arrangements: $150 each

I require a non-refundable initial deposit of 30% when booking. A final invoice will be sent out when the framing process is finished.