Welcome to Oake Living! We’re Tamara Oake and Theresa Boulos. We’re bestfriends. Together we own Oake Living, a creative company focused on using the nature around us to make. Our company is dedicated to being a positive force in the world and on the internet. We try to do this by keeping our site focused on positivity and love and we use our business to try and give back when we can.

If you want to learn more about what we do, what our business is all about, and the products we sell.... start here?


Meet the Team! 


Theresa Boulos 

I'm Theresa, the co-owner of OAKE LIVING. I oversees the business side of what we do and make it possible for us to be where we are today! Recently I've taken on an editorial role for both the blog and our online education program. Most people know me for my passion for sustainability and holistic health but what people don’t often know is that I have a talent for business. I am a forward thinker and pushed to create our first app. She’s also a real big sucker for slow hikes. 


Tamara Oake 

I started OAKE LIVING in 2015 while a third year student at Art School. Feeling at a lost of what to do with my small biz after finishing school and starting a full-time job. I didn’t truly find my groove until I teamed up with my best friend and business soul mate, Theresa, in Jan 2018. I mainly focus my energy on the creative side of the business. I oversee the look and feel of OAKE LIVING's online content as well as products and side projects (like our apps, books, and products). I would say I have just enough free time to keep redecorating my home but never enough to get bored.